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ISO26262 Road Vehicles - Functional Safety

The amount of electronic systems in automotives are in an increasing to carry out many functions in modern automobiles, including driver assistance functions, vehicle dynamics control, and safety systems. The complexity of electronically-driven operations both hardware and software, especially safety functions, makes predicting safety performance extremely difficult. More action will be required, furthermore, to reduce the risks of systematic and random hardware failures as system complexity continues to increase.

ISO 26262 is a functional safety standard intended to be applied to the development of software for electrical and/or electronic (E/E) systems in automobiles. ISO 26262 is an adaptation of the broader IEC 61508 safety standard, which has been used to derive safety standards for the nuclear power, machinery, railway, and other industries. It is aimed at reducing risks associated with software for safety functions to a tolerable level by providing feasible requirements and processes.

With the advent of ADAS , functional safety standards takes the front seat and will be a key differentiator in the automotive market.