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Electric Vehicles(EV) - Controller Types

The controller reads the driver input signals, and is responsible to manage the system energy, regulate the torque and coordinate the motor, battery pack and the on-board charging systems. We provide the compact hardware and rich functional software controllers. All our controllers support full vector control software.

The controllers provide all the basic functionalities like

  • - Battery state of charge (SOC) monitoring
  • - Battery temperature monitoring
  • - Overheating monitoring
  • - BMS related input and output
    • Features
      • - Flexible : Support typical input and output drivers for vehicle controls. The controller can be used in simulated environments , and the any additional functionalities can be developed in the control system with 100% model based design methods.
      • - Powerful :CAN bus based communication protocol support , and with properly configured protocols, it can be used for OTA programming.
      • - Future Oriented : The controller hardware and software design has been derived to support future functions like Functional Saftety standards of ISO26262, and also automated driving like ADAS, AV
        • Power Voltage range(DC/V)40-9640-96
          Maximum Bus Current (A)35(45)45(70)
          Rated Current(A)75160
          Maximum Peak Current (A)160300

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